Coding has always been a passion of mine. My favorite part about writing code is trying to think of all the loopholes/ cases that most people would miss. I also love how literal the compiler is and how the programmer must step in the computer’s shoes, and empathize with it. Here are some of my past projects.

1. Shrek Detection

Shrek Detection: This pre-Snapchat app uses face/ feature detection to find Shrek’s face.
After identifying Shrek’s features, we were able to morph the users’ face with that of Shrek. In this photo I become an Ogre!

2. Thinking Outside of the Box: Computing 3D in 2D

My application detected the volume of boxes containing a pre-determined grid patter. In the real world application, the grid pattern can simply be designed as an adhesive tape.

● Coded Java application that using images of assembled shipping boxes, estimates the volume of any size box enabling shipping/ moving optimization that is based on both weight and dimension.

● Completed as a 60+ page Computer Vision based senior thesis.

3. Financial Statement Project

This is one of the classes of my Python Financial Statements program that calculates financing activities.

While taking the course “Intro to Finance,” I found calculating the same recurring financial statements over and over to be tedious so I coded a program to do the work for me!